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Post Covid Operating Procedures

Post COVID Operating Procedures

  1. We have begun the process of expanding the Ted MacNeill Arena which we hope will make it a cleaner and more streamlined experience for our visitors. The extra space will allow for comfortable personal distancing.

  2. The audience size will be set at a lower level than previously to allow for more personal space.

  3. We will operate a cash free, preferably contactless or eTransfer, payment system for all retail items offered by R10 Venue at the Venue. No cash will be accepted at the Venue under any circumstances.

  4. We will also be encouraging Vendors to follow this practice and we will be making it more attractive for them to do so.

  5. Everything we retail at the Venue in the future will only be available online. This includes concert tickets, parking and beverage tokens.

  6. We will be moving all portable rest rooms to a separate area adjacent to the arena for sanitary reasons (see updated site map) and to allow more free space in the Arena.

  7. We will be providing extra Sani stands for use throughout the Venue.

  8. Opening times of our Admin and Box office will be announced on an ongoing and restricted basis only.

  9. To avoid unnecessary queues on Concert day we won’t be facilitating collection of tickets at ‘Will Call’ and there will be no preshow tickets made available after noon on Concert day under any circumstances.

  10. To cater for those who wish to use ‘walk in’ rather than online transactions we my choose to retail them through local retailers on a very limited basis.

  11. We will initially reduce the capacity of our VIP Area by 50%. We will only make 50 VIP Tickets available for 2021, this may change for future gigs.

This list may change as the situation develops further and in line with any future Government requirements that may be necessary



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Covid 19 Update

Following a period of closely monitoring the current COVID situation and in conjunction with
Government health requirements and updates we sadly have no option but to cancel all events
booked for R10 Venue for 2021. This includes the Spirit of the South and We Believe Saint John –
The Concert events. The current health situation is too unstable to consider going ahead with
anything where the safety of all music fans is not guaranteed.
We would like to acknowledge the support and encouragement of everyone who has supported us in
this strange year and we can assure you that we are as disappointed as anyone could be that this
situation has arisen. However, we are comfortable in the knowledge that nothing we do will impact
negatively on anybody’s health and welfare and that has to be the benchmark that we set ourselves
every day.
Ticket refunds will be automatically returned to the card they were booked with. We expect this
process to begin immediately and to be complete within 2 weeks.
We were excited at the introduction of our new Club Rio initiative and hoped to kick this off in
September but the problems causing the relaxing of a return to some semblance of normality mean
that we cannot guarantee a date that we can set in stone so we have decided to close the entire
2021 season down completely.
We hope to be able to return next year with an equally good if not better line up of shows and we
pray that this health situation will be alleviated by that time. Until then please stay safe and well and
be aware of all safety protocols and we look forward to meeting you all in the music soon enough in
the future.

Thank you all,
Sheree Gillcrist
Artistic Director R10 Venue