Constructed in 2014 and officially opened in 2015 R10 Venue is a fully integrated multi-use event venue. Ideally suited for Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Artists Retreats and many other event types, R10 Venue is a one stop shop for all event needs.

Located equidistant and centrally between Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton and 20 minutes from Sussex, R10 Venue is located alongside Route 10 at Long Creek near Coles Island in the heart of the Province. It has wonderful transportation access from both legs of the Trans Canada Highway and also has convenient access from three international airports. R10 Venue has been described as ‘World Class’, ‘Awesome’ and ‘Different to anything else in Canada’ by many who have visited and played there. We are the home of The Neely G Festival of Music and are also available for rental business from Spring in 2016 onward.

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