R10 Venue Concert Arena Technical Specifications


R10 Venue is an outdoor arena which houses many types of events. Due to the high volume and diversity of artists and performers who perform at the venue it is necessary for us to place the Technical demands of audio and lighting in the capable hands of our production team, SSI Audio in Moncton NB. Our basic technical package for the previous concert we produced is listed below. This supplemented the headline artist’s requirement for their own equipment that they needed to use and was the main production requirement of the other two bands that appeared on the bill. (See Equipment Package below)


R10 Venue is located alongside the NB10 Highway directly opposite the Starkey Road intersection at Long Creek NB. It can be accessed from both legs of the Trans-Canada Highway (1 & 2)

The Venue infrastructure is designed to accommodate the largest rigs and features a dedicated entrance for production vehicles of all sizes. There are also two other such roads inside the venue for rigs to access the arena and backstage areas of the venue without performing U Turns or other awkward turning manoeuvres

We have installed a fresh potable water supply to the Arena to refill water tanks in artist’s trailers / RV’s / Tour Buses etc if required.


6,000 – 40,000 depending on arena formatting

Power Supply

1 # 3Phase x 800A Power Supply Main Incomer includes

1 # 3 Phase x 600A Power Supply to Stage

2 # 2 Phase x 60A Power Supplies for Tour Buses etc.

1 # 3 Phase x 15A Power Supply for hoists etc.


We use two stages depending on what the artist requires.

1. Stageline SL 260

a. Size – 32’ x 32’

b. Wind Res – 115 mph (185 km/h) without windwalls / 77 mph (123 km/h) with windwalls

c. Rigging – 18,500 lbs (8,391 kg)

d. Covered Wings – 12’ x 20’ each (3.7m x 6.1m) designed for dry, safe and spacious guitar land, VIP area & monitor mix areas.

e. Windwalls – Full height rainproof windwalls for all areas

f. Stage height from ground – 3’6 – 5’

g. Clearance to roof – 20’

2. Stageline SL 360

a. Size – 40’ x 40’

b. Wind Res – 115 mph (185 km/h) without windwalls / 77 mph (123 km/h) with windwalls

c. Rigging – 26,000 lbs (11,793 kg)

d. Windwalls – Full height rainproof windwalls on 3 sides

e. Stage height from ground – 3’6 – 6’

f. Clearance to roof – 36’1”

3. Other sizes

Please contact us for information

Basic Most Recent Equipment Package

Audio 1 x D&B PACKAGE 3- 16Tops; 8vSubs; 2Infra’s

1 x D&B Ci60 Speaker PACKAGE

1 x Digidesign SC48 FOH PACKAGE

1 x Workbox 1

1 x Digidesign Venue SC48, 48ch Digital Console

1 x 8 Mix EV PX1122M Monitor PACKAGE

2 x JBl PRX718XLF, 18″ Powered Sub

1 x Shure ULX-D Quad Kit

8 x K&M 210/6 Grey Microphone Stand

6 x K&M 25900, Low Tripod Microphone Stand

Audio Power 1 x 100 Amp 3 Phase Theatrixx Distro, 8x L14-30, 8x 5-20R

1 x Grand MA Fullsize, 2048 DMX Lighting Console

1 x MA Lighting, Grand MA Light, 2048 DMX Lighting Console

3 x Martin Mac700 Profile- Dual Kit

6 x Chauvet Rogue R3 LED Wash Light (RGBW)

3 x Elation Platinum Beam Dual Kit

10 x Microh Slim 12 Tri LED PAR

2 x Martin Mac700 Profile- Dual Kit

6 x Chauvet Rogue R3 LED Wash Light (RGBW)

2 x Elation Platinum Beam Dual Kit

1 x 24 PAR64 FOH Lighting PACKAGE

1 x Dimmer D – 24ch of 2.4K Sensor Rack

10 x Microh Slim 12 Tri LED PAR

1 x Lumi Blinder Dual Kit

3 x KAD 8ft 12″ Box Truss

3 x KAD 8ft 12″ Box Truss

1 x KAD 4ft 12″ Box Truss

Lighting Power 1 x 100 Amp 3 Phase Distro, 2x Soca, 4x Powercon, 2x Uground


1 x 60 Amp Black Distro, Range In & Out w/ 8x 5-20R

Video 8 x Microh LED Video Panel Kit of 10

1 x Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Package

1 x Blackmagic SDi to HDMi Kit


1 x Soundcraft EPM6 Mixing Console

6 x Telex BP1002, Beltpack

1 x Telex PS1F, 1 Channel Power Supply

1 x 100 Amp 3 Phase Distro, 12x 220v Powercon,

Rigging & Truss 4 x 25ft Applied Truss Tower PACKAGE

1 x CM 8 Way Motor Distro, Camlock in

2 x Applied 10ft 20.5″ Black Box Truss

2 x Applied 5ft 20.5″ Black Box Truss

1 x Show Distribution Tour Rig 8-way Motor Distro

2 x 7ft 1.9 O/D Schedule 40 Pipe

2 x 8ft 1.9 O/D Schedule 40 Pipe

16 x Light Source 2″ Swivel Coupler

1 x 8ft by 8ft Rolling Riser PACKAGE

Tents 1 x 10ft by 10ft White Tent with 4 Walls

No two events are ever the same so please contact us to discuss your specific technical requirements.

Covid 19 Update

Following a period of closely monitoring the current COVID situation and in conjunction with
Government health requirements and updates we sadly have no option but to cancel all events
booked for R10 Venue for 2021. This includes the Spirit of the South and We Believe Saint John –
The Concert events. The current health situation is too unstable to consider going ahead with
anything where the safety of all music fans is not guaranteed.
We would like to acknowledge the support and encouragement of everyone who has supported us in
this strange year and we can assure you that we are as disappointed as anyone could be that this
situation has arisen. However, we are comfortable in the knowledge that nothing we do will impact
negatively on anybody’s health and welfare and that has to be the benchmark that we set ourselves
every day.
Ticket refunds will be automatically returned to the card they were booked with. We expect this
process to begin immediately and to be complete within 2 weeks.
We were excited at the introduction of our new Club Rio initiative and hoped to kick this off in
September but the problems causing the relaxing of a return to some semblance of normality mean
that we cannot guarantee a date that we can set in stone so we have decided to close the entire
2021 season down completely.
We hope to be able to return next year with an equally good if not better line up of shows and we
pray that this health situation will be alleviated by that time. Until then please stay safe and well and
be aware of all safety protocols and we look forward to meeting you all in the music soon enough in
the future.

Thank you all,
Sheree Gillcrist
Artistic Director R10 Venue