Tenting @ R10 Venue


Two areas of tenting have been developed at R10 Venue. Booking or hiring of a tent site in either of these areas will be through event website ticketing mechanisms. R10 Venue do not offer a ticketing solution for the hire of tent sites at this time.

Tent grounds are open at 12 noon on Friday and close 11AM on Monday. All sites must be vacated by 11 AM on Monday. Early bird arrivals can be accommodated by request only and prior to arrival. Arrangements can be made by calling our site office or by our contact form at www.r10venue.com.


Tent Grounds provide potable water, Portable Toilets, Sani-Stands and security personnel. Individual tent sites are unserviced. There are no shower facilities available onsite. There is electric site lighting throughout the Tent grounds for access and safety of movement only.

Rules And Regulations

  • Entry to R10 Venue is strictly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions posted at www.r10venue.com and on each Festival ticket. Please familiarise yourself with these.
  • Primary booking person must be 19 years of age or older and will be responsible for all other registered persons at their campsite. No unregistered tenters will be admitted to the Venue.
  • Only one tent permitted per site. Max occupancy of tent is four persons.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Pets are not permitted anywhere inside the boundaries of the Venue.
  • Parking provided in designated areas only.
  • One vehicle and one camping unit per booking. Extra vehicles will be charged the normal venue daily parking rate. Larger vehicles, bicycles or all-terrain vehicles are not allowed into the Venue or car park.
  • Items of household furniture are not allowed into the Tent Grounds and will be removed if used.
  • Please deposit any litter and recyclables in their appropriate containers which will be provided throughout the camping area. No glass items allowed in Tent Grounds.
  • Campfires and any other flammable objects with naked flames cannot be used in the tent site.
  • Covered gas cookers are permitted unless there is a Fire Index warning in place.
  • The use of generators is not permitted.
  • The tent ground operators will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please take care to safeguard your valuables.
  • The use of ingestible substances, narcotics or non prescription drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • All site numbers are recorded and the registered renter of each site will be responsible for all activities and/or damages incurred on or associated with the Tent Grounds
  • Ice will be available for purchase from the Venue Admin office
  • Please dispose of waste matter in a responsible manner and in their correct containers.
  • Electricity is provided for site lighting only. Any interference with this will result in immediate ejection.

Please Note:

This is a tenting site that offers rough camping. Potable water will be available. Note also that potable water is intended for cooking and cleaning purposes and campers should plan to purchase drinking water at the venue. R10 Venue retain the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone who creates a disturbance or nuisance or deliberately breaks any of the above rules. No refunds will be made in the event of such an eviction. Grounds for eviction include but are not limited to fireworks usage, rowdy or disrespectful behaviour, excessive noise, messy campsite, invalid or absent wristbands, alcohol or narcotic abuse, Venue rule violations, Provincial Law violations. Breaches of Provincial Law will be reported to the RCMP for them to pursue. These rules are for the safety and to assist the enjoyment of everyone who attends R10 Venue and are also in addition to the Terms and Conditions posted at the Venue website and on each Event ticket. Please take note of the R10 Venue Terms and Conditions posted at www.R10Venue.comand on each ticket. R10 Venue is a non smoking facility.

Please refer to the Event website for full Event Tenting Terms and Conditions